Mulgrew Miller Tribute (April 7, 2015)

Being able to post this video and share the interview transcript is infinitely more meaningful now than it was just after the event. My dad, Robin Tolleson, passed away suddenly in June 2019 and never actually got to see this video or share it (I thank Lee Hall in Greenwood for coming last minute to record the event).

Below is the event poster and an outline of some of the Spinterview quotes from friends and colleagues that were heard in the video. Click here for a PDF of the Mulgrew Miller Tribute Interviews Transcript. In addition to the prepared interview clips and music, the incredible part of doing this Spinterview tribute in Mulgrew’s hometown of Greenwood, Mississippi, was that many family, friends, and local residents who remembered him came to the event and shared stories! At some point, I will create an outline of who spoke when in the Youtube video and add it to this post. For now, I’ll just mention that Mulgrew’s sisters, Arletta and Rosetta, were in attendance, as well as friend and collaborator Dr. Alphonso Sanders, his first piano teacher Albert Harrison, and some high school classmates.

Finally, this video is also more meaningful today because tragically we have also lost trumpeter Wallace Roney, who was one of Mulgrew’s closest friends, to complications from COVID-19 on March 31, 2020. I’m grateful that we can hear him speak so joyfully of his friendship with Mulgrew.

–James Tolleson (Robin’s son)

Mulgrew Miller Celebration Interviews

Wallace Roney

  1. Taking Duke’s place
  2. Likeable guy
  3. Foreign Intrigue years, trying to be great
  4. McCoy argument
  5. Mulgrew’s jokes
  6. M’s first stroke
  7. I miss my friend
  8. Gift in the world
  9. “Make a good tribute”

Tony Williams

  1. Mulgrew on Foreign Intrigue
  2. The Art Blakey connection
  3. Satisfaction
  4. Touring plans…timing.

Donald Brown

  1. Not a day goes by
  2. Session – Uplifting
  3. Memphis State #1
  4. Memphis State #2 The milkshake
  5. Post-Phineas Generation
  6. Contemporary Piano Ensemble
  7. Great human being
  8. Encouraging
  9. Educator
  10. His son Keith & Mulgrew
  11. Brother Posey

Steve Turre

  1. Real Deal
  2. Elders In The Lineage
  3. Nurturing
  4. Formative Years with Mulgrew
  5. The Road with Mulgrew

Dr. Bill Bares / UNC-Asheville

  1. Mulgrew reflections

Donald Harrison

  1. Big Brother
  2. Looking Up To Him
  3. The Donald Byrd Line
  4. Mulgrew and Art
  5. School Of Fish
  6. The Rhodes
  7. Remember And Expound
  8. Who’s Country-est?
  9. Wallace’s Invention
  10. Corniest Jokes
  11. Play From The Heart
  12. Sharing with Victor Gould
  13. Songwriter
  14. Madame Chaloff
  15. Mulgrew & Kenny Kirkland



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