Ginger Baker

As Ginger Baker stormed out toward his barn I wondered if the interview I’d flown to his ranch in Santa Barbara to get would indeed happen. But after half an hour of discussing polo ponies, the drummer was feeling like talking music again, early jazz and blues, the idea behind Cream, and the African influence on his music. The man considers himself the world’s best drummer – jazz, rock, you name the style – but his answers and his music really reflects a self-lessness, a lack of ego, and a wide world view. In the clips Baker discusses his education, the role of technique, and doing the musical thing, “the right thing.”

  1. Ginger Baker’s school days. “Sunshine Of Your Love” from Disraeli Gears (1967)
  2. Ginger Baker talks musician vs. technician. “Sunshine Of Your Love” from Disraeli Gears (1967)
  3. Ginger Baker on doing the right thing. “Interlock” from Horses and Trees Celluloid (1986)
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