Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana did more than just talk about the power of music to affect social change, he put his money where his mouth was. Carlos and his wife Deborah were big supporters of Communities In Schools in Marin County, California, and paid for a music teacher at San Pedro Elementary School in San Rafael for many […]

Santana’s “Voice”: Alex Ligertwood

SAN FRANCISCO — Listening to him talk, you get the feeling that Alexander J. Ligertwood hasn’t been living in Walnut Creek for too long. In fact, when Santana was breaking in this country over ten years ago, he was still making his way through the European rock and blues scene. Now, as the lead singer […]

The Divided Spirit Of Carlos Santana

Midway Between Disneyland And The Barrio SAN FRANCISCO — “I still feel like I just landed in this country from Tijuana, and it’s been like a non—stop Disneyland,” says Carlos Santana, checking the incense that burns nearby as he sits cross-legged on the floor. “I’m a kid and I’m having a lot of fun.” Santana […]

Blindfold Test – Carlos Santana

[Note: Kenny Burrell’s “Blues for Wes” isn’t on Spotify or Youtube, so I’ve shared the title track from the same album, which is on Youtube.] This guitar chameleon was taking his first Blindfold Test quite seriously. He sat on the floor of the music room in his home on Mount Tamalpaias, a short drive from […]