Joe Pass

Joe Pass played with ‘em all. Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson, Count Basie, the list goes on and on. But as amazing a guitarist as he was, Joe Pass was also very practical and down to earth. Old school class. His father was not musical, but he saw music as a way of Joe getting out of the Pittsburg factories. Joe retained that working class attitude, always teaching his students that it’s better to play, just play, play anything, than not. One of my first beloved jazz records featured Joe Pass – Oscar Peterson’s The Big 6 At Montreaux Jazz Festival, on the Pablo label.

  1. Joe Pass describes his motivations for playing. “Green Dolphin Street” from Easy Living, Pablo (1986)
  2. Joe Pass gives advice to his students on choosing gigs. “Why Don’t You Do Right” from Easy Living, Pablo (1986)
  3. Joe Pass talks about finding your own sound. “Stompin’ At The Savoy” from Live At Dante’s, Pablo (1981) and “I Got Rhythm” from Summer Nights, Pablo (1990)
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