Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee was already a decade or more into headlining big arenas with his band Rush, but the bassist/vocalist clearly liked talking about the old days. Heroes of progressive rockers everywhere, Rush (along with British groups Yes, Genesis, King Crimson) made it cool to play odd-times, and made it sound so easy. Drummer Neil Peart and Lee made the 7/4 flow and groove. Rush was touring with southern fusion heroes, The Dixie Dregs, when we spoke. Lee talked about his inspirations, about the thrill of being in a power trio, and about being original.

  1. Geddy Lee talks about the early days. “Tom Sawyer” from Moving Pictures,     PolyGram (1981)
  2. Geddy Lee’s observations on bassists overplaying. “Tom Sawyer” from Moving Pictures, PolyGram (1981)
  3. Geddy Lee on why Rush always played original material. “Tom Sawyer” from     Moving Pictures, Polygram (1981) and “New World Man” from Signals,     PolyGram (1982)
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